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How to focus on your subject, blur the rest

Today, you’ll learn how to use the Blur effect to blur a portion of your photos and create a focal point. 1. Open a photo In Photoshop, go to File > Open… and select a photo from your computer. Click Open. 2. Open the Blur

How do I trace an image in Illustrator?

If you’re a professional or a beginner, it’s the best way to create a vector image. Here are few helpful hints for tracing a picture in Illustrator. You must first determine which image to use in order to turn it to a vector. Click on

How to rank higher in Google Search

In this article, we’ll outline some of the steps you need. To achieve your goals, discussing topics including site audits, web hosting, keywords, content, and the competition. 1. Audit Your Site The first step in learning how to rank in Google is running an audit

Photoshop Tips, Tricks and Fixes for New Users

#1. Undooo… You probably know that Cmd / Ctrl+Z is Undo, but you may not know Cmd / Ctrl+Alt+Z lets you undo more than one history state. #2. Easier Marquee Selections Hold down Alt to start a selection at the center point with any Marquee

Top Six Types Of Website Hosting in 2021

Top Six Types Of Website Hosting | 2021

Your website needs to be stored on a computer server to be accessible to all your visitors 24/7, so that you need the best web hosting services. If you start looking for a website host, you might find that there is a confusing variety available.

Photoshop Tips, Tricks and Fixes for New Users

How to Change the Image Size in Photoshop CC

Resize an image Steps: To resize an image Choose Image > Image Size. Measure width and height in pixels for images you plan to use online or in inches (or centimetres) for images to print. Keep the link icon highlighted to preserve proportions. This automatically